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Learn about our apartment trash service in Charlotte, NC

Apartment valet trash service is one of the top amenities residents enjoy, according to the National Apartment Association. If your apartment community doesn't offer door-to-door trash collection services, you're behind the times. Fortunately, Community Concierge Services offers apartment trash services in Charlotte, NC.

As a landlord, you'll love our apartment trash collection services. Your community will be cleaner than ever, your revenue will increase and you'll have a great amenity you can use to attract new tenants. Your tenants will love our timely apartment trash service, too-they won't have to worry about lugging trash to the compactor every few days.

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Avoid these garbage issues

If you leave it up to your tenants to dispose of their own garbage, you may be asking for trouble. You may face these issues:

  • Trash cluttering up the hallways or breezeways during leasing hours
  • Leakage or smells left behind when residents carry ripped trash bags to the compactor
  • Broken compactors from improper use

Turn to Community Concierge Services to prevent those problems. We'll keep track of daily and monthly trash violations to help you set the proper expectations for your residents.

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